Hard disk help required

Hi Everyone, Lot’s of enquiries for data recovery this month from hard disks that have become unresponsive, are making noise or are just not showing up. If you want advise just follow the guides here on my web site or get in touch.

I couldn’t see my drive come up on My Computer and took it to a specialist who has said that the heads have crashed. Could you give me an estimate in price and also let me know how long your turnaround time is?

hard drive not showing up

I have an external 1tb Western Passport a couple weeks ago I was doing some work (am self employed) went off to make a coffee came back and the disk told me i needed to format it, obviously I did not do this, I have changed the usb lead to no avail, tried the disk on another computer but still I cannot open the disk. In fact I cant even see the passport when i open my computer I have to locate in drives but even then I cant see anything other than WD passport. The disk flashes when I insert and I can hear its trying to load up but just wont show me anything on my lap top. There is about 1500gb used which I really need to recover so if you are able give me a quote as to how much it may cost to repair please, I would be grateful.

I have a problem with my hard drive disk from my macbook pro. It can not startup when booting up, then freezes and shuts down automatically. I tried rebooting it many times by shift button (safe mode), command option p r, command r (recovery). The hard drive disk is from Mac program Yosemite 10.10. Can this hard drive problem be repaired? If so, what is the cost to repair it? This is quite urgent by I am Studying in University.

External HDD showing signs of being damaged – loud buzzing noises… Please help me recover my data please ):

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