Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year 2014Hi There,

Here’s the first post of the New Year… I’m not actually back at work yet but am full of Xmas cheer so I thought I’d write to you all to wish you a happy new year. Aw x

How was your 2013? Mine was OK… Funny isn’t it…, I bet you were expecting me to say something like ‘Mine was GREAT!’, that’s what you sort of expect whenever you read blogs like this or columns in magazines etc.

Well what’s 2014 going to be like? As far a hard drives and data storage are concerned this is still a large growth area. More data. More hard drives to store it on. SSD won’t we replacing HDD technology anytime soon as they are too expensive and not as reliable as they should be. So, I’m on hand to lend assistance for all you hard drive queries and questions, so let me know when you have a problem and I’ll do my best to help 🙂