Hacked Computers and Deleted Phone Data

Here’s a few of the call’s I’ve had lately asking me to assist in recovering people’s data. I get many requests for both hard drives and phones. Here are some of them. Browse the Data Recovery Tips web site for diagnosis information and data recovery advice.

Hard Drive Recovery

hacked computerMy Mothers computer was hacked by someone. They deleted all her photos and files from her desktop computer remotely. She could see them flashing & deleting whilst on the phone I am looking for someone who might be able to restore her photographs as shes lost all her pics of her grand children. She is completely gutted.

I would like to know the feasibility of recovering file from a surface pro device. Also would like to know the cost involved.

Computer stopped recognising the hard drive. Was unable to see the drive on ‘my computer’ though the PC did recognise it as external hardware. Had no success in getting any computer or laptop to see the drive or open it.

I have Toshiba sata2 external hdd my children drop it on floor broke out usb port, I fit in new docking station and now its spins but not read any data And PC slows down.

Price: Hard drive data recovery can cost anything from £200 to £1000 and is dependent on the type of fault with the drive. Send me an email for specific details.

Phone Data Recovery

Samsung galaxy s5 is fully working order but loads of things have bn deleted, some accidently and sum on purpose, need everything recovered, such as whatsapp convos, mms, call logs, pics, vids, docs etc i would like to chat to some one about the services that you offer and pricing

I’m looking for a company that I can send my mobile to so I can get the photos off of my baby
the phone has stopped working and I didn’t save to memory card 🙁
it turns on but gets stuck on the samsung screen.

Price: The cost of recovering data from a mobile phone is typically between £200 and £400 depending upon the type of fault. Contact me for more details.