Getting data off of unresponsive hard drives

Here’s some of the latest enquiries I’ve received about getting the data off of unresponsive hard drives.

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I have external harddrive. My laptop (mac) turned off unexpectedly while using it and now it cannot be mounted

LaCie 9000298 2TB Rugged Mini USB 3.0 7200rpm Portable Hard Drive
My hard drive is beginning to break down on me, and it appears to be due to some damage to the USB port on the device.
I have replaced the cable for a new one but the problem persists: I can still access the drive, but only by positioning the connection in a certain way. So it’s quite easy to lose connection if it gets knocked or moved.
How easy is it to repair the USB port?

Samsung portable Hard drive… says “needs formatting” then warns that this will remove all data.

I have a 1gb seagate hdd which doesn’t power on when plugged into the computer. Details are model ST1000LM025, hdd p/n HN-M101ABB/EX2, that has an integrated the USB interface in to the actual motherboard of the hard drive mechanism. Our IT department looked at it and was unable to power it up too and was wondering what the total recovery costs would be to recover data on this type of hdd?

Samsung S2 portable external hard drive was working fine, but suddenly it started to make about 5 beeps and the computer stopped recognising the hard drive.

MacBook hard drives not seen
I have a 1tb hdd out of a iMac 27inch. My mum dropped the mac and damaged the whole computer and the hdd stop functioning. I tried to repair it in a windows computer to no luck. I heard 5 clicks and then it powers down. I will admit I have opened it up to see if the arm can be fixed but I didn’t touch anything else. Basically it has some sentimental pictures and videos on it and wondering how much it would cost if there is something you guys can do.

2009 15″ MacBook Pro. On start up it would show a grey ‘no entry’ sign on white background. Analysis by a local repair shop said it was a hard drive failure. They replaced the hard drive but said they couldn’t access the data on the old hard drive. I’d like to use your expertise to retrieve the old data. I also have a TimeMachine backup of the computer that Time Machine can see but can’t access – error 112. If the data from the old hard drive is inaccessible I’d like to try to restore to the backup.

SSD hard drive with SMART errors
128GB SSD (SK hynix) from Dell Optiplex 5040 (2016).
Windows 10 Pro 1607 with BitLocker enabled (I can provide the code).
Recently Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver warned of possible SMART errors on drive.
Then Windows boot failed.
Removed SSD, attached to another computer.
Drive detected correctly as 128GB SSD. However Windows Disk Management detects it as a “new” drive, and prompts to Initialise the drive.