Flashing Lights and Hard Drive Beeps

Here are some of the latest questions I’ve been asked about data recovery. If you are wanting a professional fix for your data, then for a decent data recovery service I direct readers to Datlabs Data Recovery.

Seagate back up plus portable drive 500gb. Been used with a MacBook. Flashing light and beeping noise, no longer being detected by MacBook. Need to recover iPhoto library, video files and office documents.

laptop hard drive photoI dropped the external hard drive on the floor from the computer table and since then the computer is not reading the drive 🙁 I was wondering if you could help please? Seagate backup plus portable drive, 500gb. Stopped being recognised by MacBook. Flashing light? Beeping?

Seagate barracuda 1TB. No power whatsoever getting to drive. have dismantled and connected to SATA cable via internal pc but still no good leaving me to believe it may be the motor/ chipset so hopefully data is intact. contains Family photos from past 10 year plus 100s of gb of music and family videos

I came across using the laptop without a problem, I switched it off and put it back on a few hours later then I got a blank black screen and all power lights come on fine but the drive was beeping. I have important files on the laptop hard drive and I need it as soon as possible. Can I have a quote on the cost to recover it all back? I’m a student by the way and I hope it is a reasonable price to fix this problem.

I have been using my hard drive all day with no problems and now I can’t seem to get it to work at all. It still has all of folders but no files inside of them. It now won’t even appear on my desktop when I plug it in. I’m on a Macbook if that makes any difference.

I have a WD Cloud 4Tb devices that has stopped working (clicking sound) I need to recover the data, approximately 250Gb. Is this something you can look at?

I have a hard drive which simply won’t start. I can’t hear any noise coming from it.
It is a 500GB SATA drive, and I would like to recover data from it.
Mostly it was photos and some project files (AutoCad)

Seagate Barracuda 1000GB
Not recognised by bios on two of my computers.
Checked with sata cables and power supply that were known to work.
The drive seems to spin up ok and does not have any unusual noise, but will not be recognised.
The data on the drive is not essential, it is just a minor hassle factor so I will only choose recovery is the price is reasonable.
I’m located in Bedminster Bristol so I can drop/pick up from the Mansfield Rd address if required.

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