Data Recovery Service in the UK

This week I’ve reproduced some of the enquiries I’ve received about hard drive data recovery. I’ve provided assistance where possible and also links.

“Hi, I have a Western Digital Elements external harddrive that when connected to any PC or Mac that I try does not get recognised so I am unable to access my data. The LED light is on but sometimes flashes. Are you able to repair this and retrieve the data please?”

A standard hard driveThese are classic symptoms of a hard drive failure. You don’t have a problem with the data on the hard drive. Instead you have a problem with the disk where the data is stored. So, as this is the case, a software fix is not going to work: instead you need a data recovery service. Data Clinic, the UK located data recovery specialists should be able to provide you with a fix. They work on a ‘no recovery no fee’ so you are only going to pay if they are able to successfully retrieve your data from the damaged hard drive. They have locations up and down the UK and cover all the major cities including London, Birmingham and Manchester. I know they also have a door to door free collection service also.

“I accidentally formatted my hard drive and it has wiped all of the data on there, including photos, music and files. Can the data be retrieved? It’s on of the newer SSD hard drives. Is there any way to retrieve this?”

Although the architecture of an SSD hard drive is very different to that of an HDD type hard drive, it makes very little difference to the way the data is held on the hard drive. When data is deleted it actually isn’t removed from the hard drive. Instead the area of the hard drive where the data is held is marked as available for use by the computer and so, can be overwritten with newer data at any time. In deleted data cases there are two main considerations that will determine whether the data is retrievable or not.

1. How long ago the deletion was done
2. How much the computer has been used since

The longer the time since the deletion the less chance of the data being recoverable and this is exacerbated by the amount of use the computer has had also. Generally the less a computer has been used the more likely the chance of recovering deleted data.

In both the above cases I would recommend contacting a recovery specialist such as Data Clinic and asking their advice.