Data recovery on phones

In this post I tackle recovering the files from several types of mobile phone. Unless the problem with your phone is straightforward to fix, you’re best securing the services of a decent phone data recovery company (see my earlier blog post for recommendations), rather than try to get the files back yourself.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that recently stopped working. It doesn’t turn on or charge. I’ve changed the battery but still have the problem. I found my contacts were not backed up and it also has some other data on it. How much would it cost to fix or retrieve the data?

I recently took my IPhone to the Apple Store and they wiped my phone. It was not backed up ever, are you able to recover my data from this? I have the sim card and the phone itself.

I have tried to enter my passcode for my iphone however whenever I entered it, it automatically restarted, and it asked for my passcode again, and it rebooted again – and it just went on to a loop, until my iphone was completely disabled.
I entered the correct passcode each time – but as it kept on restarrting and asking for the code it just locked it completely.
I do have a lot of photos and videos I need to recover as I have not backed it up. please advise if you can help.

iPhone stuck in recovery mode
iPhone 5s stuck in recovery mode. Have followed update instructions on iTunes, it downloads, installs and verifies update ios 11.3. I then get message on phone screen “press home to upgrade” after inputting passcode. It processes something else, with a grey bar line under the apple logo, but after the bar is full, it stays on the apple logo and does not boot. This is my wife’s phone, we have not run iclouds on it for some time now, but recently made back up to iTunes, and have a separate manual back up of photos…..up to 3/4 weeks ago. We had just returned from holiday when this happened, had not run the manual back up yet, so the most precious thing on here is to be able to recover those photos from last week. Hope you can help. (I live in Indonesia, so the phone number given is an Indonesian number, but I can also set up coms from UK if that is easier?).

iPhone 6 Plus Activation Problem
Cannot access my phone or homepage and have not been able to use it for the last 2 weeks as a result.
Activation error‘ message appears and states that the ‘activation request could not be completed. Please press the home button to try again. If the problem persists, please contact customer care.’
I did not request a re-activation and this is not a second-hand phone. My phone is three years old and my contract was paid off last year. For the past few months I have been on a sim only contract temporarily and had planned to upgrade recently.
Unfortunately I have not backed-up my data to icloud and I am now concerned that I have lost all data.
I have asked for advice with O2 and had an appointment with one of the ‘geniuses’ at the Apple store as well as Apple support via telephone to no avail. They cannot determine what the problem is.

Deleted phone files by mistake
I accidentally deleted My Files in my Samsung Galaxy s4 and am desperate to recover my audio files.

My iphone sadly got seawater on it on holiday. Are you able to fix the phone, or recover photos from the phone?