Data recovery needed

I’ve had a few hard drives in lately requiring data recovery – here’s a list of them and the symptoms they have:

A Seagate product, the drive itself has stopped rotating. Whilst the device can be seen as a ‘BUP Slim BL‘ in devices and printers, the Drive is invisible to the PC. Can you please provide a quotation for data retrieval, as this is my personal work knowledge library and music list.

It wasn’t dropped or any damage done to it, it just started making a noise. I have been told it’s a mechanical problem and so I now have a doner drive for the parts, but I need someone to acually fix it now.

My Passport external hard drive is not recognised by my laptop. It is connected but does not show under “my computer”. Uninstalling the device and connecting it to other USB ports on the same laptop does not help. Running a wd scan on the drive it reports “too many bad sectors”. I would like to ensure my files are not lost.

I have a 250gb ssd from a MacBook Pro. It suddenly failed to start up last week. I’ve been to Apple but no joy, I’ve installed Mac OS onto an external drive and the Mac now starts but the internal drive seems a little unstable, I can see files at first but if I try to copy the files the drive seems to disappear. I’ve removed the internal drive now and installed it into an external enclosure but it won’t mount via usb. The drive contains family photos and some documents, about 60gb. What would it cost if you were able to recover the data?

The hard drive was dropped and stopped working. It was initially in an external hard drive case but has been removed and tested in an external doc.
It was sent away previously but they were not able to help.

I have a Buffalo HD-PNTU3 500Gb Portable USB External Hard Drive. The Pin Connectors In the Hard Drive where the USB cable connects has become damaged and the drive will not power up. The Hard Drive worked perfectly before the connector port was damaged. The Drive is a storage device for personal photos.

8TB G RAID won’t mount
Drivers boot but don’t mount to computer, have tried recabling and using drivers in different chassis, it’s definitely the drivers that are the problem.
Looking for a quote on data recovery for these

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