Data Recovery in Liverpool

I’ve had quite a few hard drive recovery questions lately from Liverpool and surrounding areas of Merseyside (see the Merseyrail picture) – here are some of them.

hard drive recovery in liverpool, chester, merseysideSeagate Expansion Data Recovery
I have a Seagate expansion slim 2TB external hardrive which has been no bother until the other day when I plugged it in and it wasn’t registering with my mac and then started making noises and beeping at me. I then tried it on a windows computer and it was the same which makes me worried as I have valuable files on there from which I need the data recovered for a musical production in th centre of Liverpool, Merseyside.

Lacie Hard Drive Broke
The inside connector of my external usb Lacie rugged just broke and I need to recover the data inside it today, if possible.
Can you help, and if yes, where can I go to drop the usb drive and how much would it cost? What is the nearest repair shop to Liverpool?

I work from home, just moved house. Everything was working prior to moving now I have a red light on (Lacie raid 6tb) – need to recover the drive urgently, please let me know if it’s possible ASAP

WD My Passport Clicking
I plugged in my external hard drive (WD My Passport) into my laptop yesterday and it was making clicking noises. The light was still flashing, but the hard drive does not appear on my laptop now.
I have tried with different cables, and on different laptops. I wonder if you can get the files back from the hard drive? I’m located in Frodsham which is near Chester, but I can drive to Liverpool or Merseyside if it helps. Is there a chance of recovering files from the drive? I have a lot of work which I didn’t realise was not on my back up hard drive.

Recover Data from NAS
My Network Attached Storage hard drives have stopped working and no longer show up. I have followed the recommendation on the page and had the files on them recovered by Data Clinic Limited. This involved a trip into Manchester but in was worth it.