Data Recovery Costs

I get asked a lot about the costs of data recovery. The bottom line is it can be difficult to accurately price a job without seeing it first. I see all types of phones and hard drives in all sorts of conditions. The work required to retrieve the data can be simple to very difficult, and this is what drives the pricing. So, I need to examine your faulty phone or drive, then I can give you a cost. Typically costs are between £350 and £1000.

working out sums on a calculatorHere are some of the varied queries I receive:

Can I get details on expected data recovery (I understand it’s probably extremely variable case-to-case), time needed, cost etc for a hard drive as follows:
1 TB 7200rpm HTS721010A9E630
Used as external hard drive in an enclosure. Was stepped on. Made a squeaking noise.
Makes clicking noise when plugged in. Recognised as hard drive in device manager, but hangs explorer when double clicked.
Was unplugged and removed and not tampered with again.

Tried to install new Mac OS Sierra on my macbok pro (2011). The installation was interupted and now I can’t turn on my macbook without it Kernal Panicing. I tried to restart in Recovery mode but it won’t let me reinstall software or even load an old time machine back up… Still says there is data on the Macintosh HD though…

iPhone 6 has liquid damage and won’t turn on. My photos weren’t backed up and I want to recover them. Is this something you can do? Can you give me an idea of cost?

Fluid damage to MacBook Air. Have not opened it to clean nor attempted to charge. Hoping data can be recovered, please advise.

My friend has a hard drive that has failed i have tried to put it in a USB caddy but i still cannot access anything. Can you please give me a quote for hard drive recovery it is a barracuda 750GB. They have photos and videos that they would like to recover if at all possible. The drive is a Baracuda 750GB it is making a clicking noise when powered up.

Toshiba drive was dropped and now won’t work. The light comes on and my laptop tries to open it but the drive doesn’t seem to be making as much noise as normal and the computer cannot open it. How much would it be to try and recover the files please

External hardrive (seagate freeagent model number 9nk2ae-500) not registering/connect to my windows 10 PC (No connection in Windows Explorer or Device Manager).
Device is making a continuous clicking noise.

We have accidentally delete files from a folder on our Linux dedicated server. Is it possible recover the deleted files from the hard drive? we dont have any backups available

40Gb Laptop 2.5 IDE drive not spinning or powering up. Cannot read data

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