Data Recovery Blog – March 2017

Here are some of the latest enquiries I’ve been dealing with. No phone’s in this post, it’s all about hard drive recovery.
Drive was moved while writing. Drive no longer accessible, produced repetative clicking noise following movement. Now when attempting to use, now does not properly connect or disconnect from computer. Seagate expansion portable drive Model SRD00F1

I bought a hard drive 2 weeks ago and everything was working fine until 2 days ago. Every time I plug my hard drive into my laptop it makes a beeping noise and the laptop no longer recognises the drive. All my work is in the hard drive, so I just need your help to recover and save my work if at all possible. I didn’t think a 2 week old hard drive would fail. Thank you for your help in advance.

qnap ts412 model nasQNAP TS-412 NAS drive loaded with 3 x Seagate ST3000DM001
Drive 1
Shows green light on the front of the box, but registers as no disk. There is also a clicking / clunking sound coming from this disk.
Drive 2
Shows green light on front but registers as having only 3.76GB capacity. On SMART is shows nothing.
Drive 3
Shows green light on front and reads as correct capacity and SMART status is “good”

My 3-year old Packard Bell Easynote laptop crashed yesterday and would not reboot. A local repair expert was unable to get hard drive working again and suggested I contact a data recovery specialist. I’m in Wolverhampton and found your details online.. please can you give an idea of cost/time to recover my data.

External drive, buffalo HD-PZFU3 series
Drive can be detected as HD-PZFU3 by windows but cannot be seen as a drive and cannot be seen by disk manager.
emits a series of clicks then stops.
the user says :-
I left my things (HDD) on a chair and when I came back they had been moved (not a smart place to leave it) when plugged in to pc it just emits a series of ticks.

I have a 500GB (I think, or could be 250GB) hard disk that has become unreadable and I need to retrieve the data on it. It still powers up and spins, but my computer cannot access the data. How much to retrieve please?

As you can tell, there are a large number of different types of hard drive fault this month. Some will require clean room attention, whilst to retrieve the data from other cases, a clean room shouldn’t be necessary. Most data recovery companies will work on a no recovery, no fee basis. The cost for data recovery starts at around the £350 mark and can go up to near £1000 for severe single disk mechanical recovery work.

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