Data Recoveries Needed

Here are some of the latest enquiries from people with faulty hard drives who need their data recovering. As far as price is concerned, the costs vary depending on the fault. Typically prices begin at £350 and go up to about £800. I’ll take a look at the fault first and then give you a cost. It’s up to you if you want to go ahead.

wd blue

I think I have a mechanical failure for my external 1TB external hard drive (Western Digital). Can you please let me know your charges to recover the data.

The Drive light is flashing and making noise. It makes my Windows System freeze when plugger it bu ?I can recognise it when I plug it into a Mac. I can see all the files but just can not do anything with them.
Its a WD My Passport approx. 5 years old.

Barracuda 7200.8 200GB ST3200826A harddrive needs recovery. Unsure of the issue. Also Seagate ST38410A 8.4GB. Can I have a cost for each to be recovered?

I believe my hard drive has suffered the “click of death“. It is a an external hard drive and its a Verbatim model # 47513 and its 1.5 TB. About 800 GB – 900 GB is in use out of the 1.5 TB. When the hard drive turns on it makes its usual load noises but then starts to make clicking noises. The PC can view the hard drive and sometimes see the list of folders but when attempting to open any file or folder is crashes. I was looking for a rough quote to retrieve the data.

The disc is spinning in the external hard drive but I get a beeping noise as it cannot read the data. I get the message parameter is not available. Cannot read D: drive.

The laptop was dropped onto a table while switched on. Local PC repair center suggests that the HD has suffered mechanical failure, the drive spins but that is it. Could you please provide a quote to me for data recovery. The drive is a 750gb western digital blue.

i have problems with laptop 2.5 drive hitachi 320gb. drive starts clicking and its not visible in bios and system… after quick look on internet i find out that pcb its faulty… but when i found correct pcb for my drive its still no good…
drive its detecting in bios but not visible in system… can you please let me know how much repairing of that can be… i have to consider if data on the drive its worth doing it…

I have WD my cloud 3TB drive.There are use users who accessing the drive via web access, mobile app and network folder sharing.
Recently i came to know that user account has been deleted and all the files (200 to 300gb) are disappeared.
One same drive i have my account (As Admin) everything mine is fine (all the files folders etc)
Will you able to help me in this regards?
And very kind if you let me know, cost and also if i bring my dirve to you guys as it has got some personal and confidential information.