CCTV Recovery Needed

This month I’ve had some enquiries about retrieval of CCTV images:

A couple of CCTV enquiries from people who have lost their data from CCTV DVR systems.

home cctv systemI would like to recover the cctv that is deleted automatically due to storage of new days based on the data stored for specific number of days. Please could you recover data without any damage to cctv,harddrive and also smartphones and androids if the password is forgotten with the charges for the services.

We have a Swann 4 camera cctv set up ( outside our home. The hard drive has just stopped working it’s doing nothing.
Went to maplins where we bought it from and the warranty ran out last month so looking to get it repaired can you help??

I have a Western Digital 500-750gb (I can’t recall exactly as it is so old) HDD which has stopped booting up.
I have a selection of media (photos, music, videos, documents) which I wish to recover, can you let me know your prices for full data recovery?

CCTV HD appears to have heat damage, nothing critical. The pc’s I have dont seem to want to run the hard drive, not sure why. It gets to windows logo and then restarts, no BIOS beeps either.
Have been told that the hard drive is dead, but I have loads of photos on their from when my son was born that I dont want to loose. Just wanted to know if it’s possible to get them off and if so how much it would cost

Cost of CCTV data recovery costs between £400 and £800. CCTV DVR systems that auto loop can not have images retrieved that are past the expiry date. For example if you have a CCTV recorder on a 30 day loop and you want the images back from day 33, then this will not be possible as that data has already been overwritten.

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