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Can i help you?Below are some enquiries received by me in October. Do you have a similar problem where you require your files back? If I can help you with a data loss problem, please get in touch with me to discuss the problem and I’ll try and give you a price for the work over the phone.

  • Laptop wont start. Hard drive seems not to be spinning or responsive in any manner. Hard disk fell from the table, still being connected to the laptop through the USB cable (i.e. Didn’t hit the floor). Still, its asking to be reformatted every time
  • I have a Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001 which was shucked from an external enclosure. It doesn’t show up under the device manager at all and I’m not even sure if it’s spinning up.
  • Toshiba 1TB hard drive – Does not look like it has any damage to it. It just stopped switching on. There is a lot data on there and I would really like to be able to get it back! Appears occasionally in explorer but crashes when I do eventually find a file.
  • Hard drive crash, system has full disk encryption from Check Point, need to recover the data
  • Hard-drive not being recognised by mine or any computer. USB port into hard-drive is wobbly. My USB (SCAN DISK CRUZER) has stopped registering in my laptop. I have tried other laptops and it still won’t work. I took it into a local computer store and they said the connection in the USB had been broken. I am hoping that the data stored on it is ok as it 5 YEARS worth of planning and teaching resources! can you help!!!!???
  • My external hard drive fell on the floor and now it’s won’t get recognised by the laptop. I needed all my files on the hard drive. It powers up fine. It’s a Seagate ST3000DM001 and I’m in London.
  • Western Digital external hard drive (branded by Toshiba). WD3200JB 320GB drive. WD Caviar model WD3200JB-00KFA0. PCB 2061-701314-A00 AL. The PC no longer recognises the drive is attached. Drive will not spin up. PCB cooked/overheated (chip and possibly capacitor and other components).
  • I can help with your data recovery problemI gave my desktop PC to PC World to repair a hardware issue. To fix the PC they had to install a new motherboard and PSU. However, they also formatted the hard drive as they said they had to reinstall Windows Vista to get drivers to work with the new motherboard. I had not backed up my data and so now I have lost all my pictures, video and documents. It is a 500GB Western Digital Green Power SATA hard drive running Checkpoint encryption.
  • Would you be able to recover the files that have been deleted during the formatting and reinstallation of Windows? And if so (I appreciate its hard to give an exact amount) but would you be able to tell me roughly how much it would cost? Many thank for your time and help in advance – I’m looking for the service in London.
  • I’ve got a WD my passport external hard drive that has stopped responding. Initially, laptop/PC detected the hard drive but it showed no data in the drive. Now it doesn’t detect the hard drive at all.

Phone files lost

  • Yesterday I was using my phone (LG G4) as normal when it suddenly restarted and got into a boot loop, now it wont boot up further than the LG/android logo screen and I can’t access the data. I was wondering if you could do recover the data
  • I plugged my Seagate external harddrive into my new Samsung s7 and lost all of my files on the hardrive.i have purchased a Seagate recovery licence but now can’t access that on my computer and am at a loss

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