3 New Problems

I’ve picked out the following 3 problems – 1 on an iPhone and the other 2 on hard drives – in all cases the data on the devices is no longer accessible and the owner’s need to get the data back. I’ve included links where appropriate.

Water damaged iPhone 6S – doesn’t turn on or respond to USB connection. Want to recover photos and videos from device and notes information if possible.

Had almost a full 1TB hardrive of music, movies and most importantly travelling photographs. I’m not bother about anything other than .jpg and .nef files on there. I ran a recovery partition to repair my laptop but accidentally saved it tot he hard drive which formatted it and as such I lost all my files. I ran some recovery software myself and it seemed to have worked, recovering the files although with different file names and in different locations to before. However, alot of the jpeg files (im yet to check the .nef files) are corrupt and wont open with photo preview etc. Can you help me solve these issues and recover my important files?

I have an Iomega External hard drive, when I connect it to the computer, it lits up and the computer can see it however it does not appear under the folder to view. Is this something to you can help with.

I was about to upload pictures from SanDisk 64GB SD card to Facebook, via Google Chrome, Chrome crashed and now my disk is unreadable and, on my Mac, says “disk cannot be read”. I have tried on a PC, SD card slot, a USB hub with card reader, the camera itslef. I need the photographs off it. I am located in Leavesden, Hertfordshire.

My Macbook Pro 13″ froze whilst playing a video on Quicktime, so I had to power it off by holding down the power button, and when I turned it back on it wouldn’t boot up and presented a flashing folder with a question mark instead. I have spoken to Apple and have done everything I can do with them (I have used Internet Recovery but my HDD isn’t detected in Disk Utility, have installed Mac OS on an external hard drive and tried to locate my HDD through that but again it’s not detected) and I have also removed the HDD from the Macbook to test if it’s the cable connecting it to the motherboard that is broken, using an external enclosure case to test if the HDD works as an external hard drive, but it’s not detected either, so I know it’s definitely the HDD itself that is damaged. The HDD makes a clicking sound and I don’t think it’s spinning, and so I think maybe it is the read-and-write head stopping the platter from spinning, and that it might need to be replaced in order for me to (hopefully) recover some (if not all) of my data.