Hard Drive Data Recovery – Tips and Advice

hddsHi and thanks for dropping by my hard drive data recovery web site.

I’m a UK data recovery professional who’s been involved with hard disks and data recovery since 2000 and involved with computers since the mid 1980’s.

The purpose of this site is to provide assistance to people who want to retrieve files from faulty or unresponsive hard drives. The site is divided into 4 parts –

  • Hard Drive Diagnosis: I explain how hard drives work and then explore the various types of faults that hard drives suffer from. Using this system you’ll be able to correctly identify the type of fault your hard drive has and the severity of that fault.
  • Tips and Tricks: In this section I’ll offer advice on some of the things you can try yourself to recover the files from your hard drive. Some faults can be easily rectified, others can’t and I’ll tell you when it’s safe to try things yourself and when it isn’t.
  • My Services: If you don’t want to attempt to rescue the data from your hard drive yourself you can ask me to do it for you. Most of my services are ‘no recovery no fee’ which means you only pay if I’m able to get your data back from your device. I offer
  • Blog: I document many interesting data recovery cases and news about particular types of failure. The blog is searchable so if you have a particular fault on a hard drive, I suggest you type the model of hard drive in the search bar and see what comes back.

Questions / Contact Me

Call me on 0871 231 6844 or use the contact form on the right to get in touch. Remember, this is a UK site so I’ll give priority and attention to UK enquiries first. Note: For specialist RAID recovery advice and support, I recommend Data Clinic’s RAID data recovery page.